A Journey with God once in our lifetime is a step to Heaven.

Welcome To Evans Holyland Tours

Dear Bro/ Sis.

Ours is a ministry-based organization. You can feel the presence of our Lord throughout your journey. We have successfully organized our tours with the help of our Almighty God for the past few years. Religious hymns, choir chants and prayers will inspire and renew the spirit of a person while following Lord Jesus Christ. This tour is an opportunity for newly married couples to start their new life with God’s blessings.

People, irrespective of age and creed will receive the blessings of our Lord and mother Mary while visiting various religious sites. We also strictly abide by our Motto of customer service, pocket friendly and a carefree trip with the experience of God. Whichever tour you had undertaken during your lifetime, you would find a lot of difference. We assure you that we will deal with each and every matter systematically from the beginning to the end.

The explorer’s duty is to explore with joy and peace and to take back home memories of treasures. Our mother Mary is always there along with us throughout our journey to help and pray for us. The blessing you receive from the Holy Land trip is everlasting & you will prosper throughout your life.


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